Meet Whitney

Some call her a spunky brunette, and others will say she's a girl who always matches from her head to her toes. Her passions revolve around family & friends, her wife Razima, and her crazy cat Milo. In addition to spending time with her loved ones she enjoys a long hike, jogging with her sister and playing tennis. If she could, she'd choose to do arts and crafts 24/7. A day with laughter, creativity, and any new or favorite activity is a day well spent.

She's been known to pick up her camera on the daily. Working as a full time Lead Editorial Photographer for Zulily, and also carrying her camera along on every trip, weekend getaway, or family visit. The keeper of all photos for her family, she takes on a hefty task, but it is her pride and joy and couldn't see it any other way.

She has over 16 years of photography experience, starting her first job when she was only in high school, knowing then, that her passion revolved around photography. She has shaped her career with many experiences, and has become an extremely talented photographer in the process. Knowing there is always room for improvement she is always learning from others, and teaching herself new techniques, and processes to improve her work.

If you're interested in working with Whitney, please reach out to chat about your project.

Photo Credits:

B&W photos by (Center photo, 5th down on the left, 5th down on the right): Mike Monaghan

Rainbow background photo by (7th image down on the right): Jenny Campbell

Dark Blue Background photos by (3rd image down on the left, 4th image on top to the right ): Chance McClaren

If you have any questions about styling, and who I've collaborated with at Zulily please reach out, I'd love to give references.